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Mold Removal

Mold Removal

At Carpet Cleaning Chatsworth we offer a very respectable Mold Removal Service. Whether you end up needing odor removal or black mold removal our excellent service techs will provide it for you at a price that won’t break your bank.

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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

As a well established water damage company, we have at least three broad categories of services namely residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning and specialised cleaning services. With this set of services we have been able to capture all the cleaning needs for Chatsworth residents and also attract clients from elsewhere in Los Angeles.

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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Who does not want to live a life which is totally hygienic in nature and is free of unwanted wet areas? We all cherish to live in such a dreamy secured place. But this dream of many will soon turn into reality when we Rug cleaning Chatsworth company will tell you about our work and efficiency.

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Everyone needs advice in the field of carpet cleaning. Whether you are a homeowner or run a small business with a brand new office, you will find the tips shared here to be more than useful to you. Read them carefully right away and apply them confidently now and in the future.

Outstanding tips for sofa and carpet cleaning

Learn how to keep rugs clean and maintain them properly. Read the best methods to keep couches, upholstery and carpets clean and how to remove bad odors and stains.

Carpet problems due to pets

People with pets usually engage in residential carpet cleaning more often but pet hair, saliva and other bodily substances and odors will always remain on carpets and sofas unless you clean them frequently with cooking soda or vinegar. These are the most practical ways to deal with pet stain & odor removal and, in case you would need something stronger, Carpet Cleaning Chatsworth would suggest ecofriendly products.

How to recognize the first signs of carpet wear

The color of carpets is the first to lose the battle with time. It will start fading out and you can really revive it with good carpet cleaning using vinegar. You must keep oriental rugs out of the sun and make sure stains are removed completely. The fibers will be destroyed by fire and deteriorate by water damage and, thus, do mold inspection often.

Use area rugs

Placing rugs around your home that are specifically intended to remove dirt from your shoes can greatly help avoid dirtying your carpet. Strategically put these rugs outside the house and near the doors so your carpets do not have to catch the dirt and debris from your footwear.

Dry washed and steam cleaned rugs indoors away from direct sunlight

Sunlight may cause damage to the fibers so it’s best to keep the blinds shut and the curtains down when the sun is shining brightly. Throughout the rest of the day improve the ventilation in the room by opening the door and windows. You can set up a fan inside too.

Prevent pulling on carpets

To prevent pulling on your wall to wall carpeting and dislodging it from your floor, don't drag or push heavy furniture without some form of carpet protection. You can get caster cups that are specifically made to protect the carpet whenever furniture is moved. If possible, get other people to help you lift and carry furniture to their new place in the house.

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