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Mold Removal

Mold Removal

At Carpet Cleaning Chatsworth we offer a very respectable Mold Removal Service. Whether you end up needing odor removal or black mold removal our excellent service techs will provide it for you at a price that won’t break your bank.

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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

As a well established water damage company, we have at least three broad categories of services namely residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning and specialised cleaning services. With this set of services we have been able to capture all the cleaning needs for Chatsworth residents and also attract clients from elsewhere in Los Angeles.

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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Who does not want to live a life which is totally hygienic in nature and is free of unwanted wet areas? We all cherish to live in such a dreamy secured place. But this dream of many will soon turn into reality when we Rug cleaning Chatsworth company will tell you about our work and efficiency.

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Do you still struggle with ugly stains?

Read on about the best methods for excellent carpet cleaning procedures.

As a carpet cleaning company, we have previously faced major changes in the market and technology. But still satisfied a wide variety of clients and have faced many unusual questions from them. This body of experience is one big reason why we gathered this Frequently Asked Questions to help your needs.

Do carpets attract pests?

Carpets alone do not breed pests like fleas and dust mites, when done with regular vacuuming and routine maintenance. Although Carpet Cleaning Chatsworth technicians warn that these critters can accumulate on a damp environment and if you have furry pets at home such as dogs and cats. If you feel that an infestation is in place, you should seek the help of a pest exterminator on top of your professional carpet cleaning service. Such pests can reproduce quickly that conventional cleaning methods may not completely remove all the adults and their eggs.

Airborne allergens – are carpets the main source of these?

Today, if you are suffering from nasal allergies and other related conditions, many doctors would often suggest that you remove all possible allergy-causing fabrics and furnishings inside the house, and this includes the carpets. According to carpet experts however, while pollen, dust and mold spores may be present in the rug, and these are the main source of airborne allergens. As a matter of fact, if you remove the carpet, this may increase the amount of airborne allergens inside the home. What you need to do is regularly vacuum and maintain them.

Does regular vacuuming weaken my carpet’s stain resistant chemical?

Regular vacuuming does not affect your carpet’s stain resistant chemical in any way. In fact, regular vacuuming is an important aspect of carpet maintenance. If anything, it will help remove the dry soil particles that could weaken the carpet itself.

What’s an easy way of removing bad odors from a carpet?

Aside from utilizing a cleaning agent specifically for removing bad odors, specialists at Carpet Cleaning Chatsworth would recommend that you use lemon juice or baking soda. Both can get rid of the odor, but for the former you will have to clean it thoroughly afterward.

What method of carpet cleaning do you use?

As a versatile service provider, Carpet Cleaning Chatsworth uses a wide range of cleaning methods, from hot water extraction or steam cleaning, to dry extraction. The most recommended option, however, is steam cleaning as it effectively removes even the toughest of dirt, without ruining the carpet. As experts in the field, the cleaning crew will know exactly which method to select.

What is the best carpet cleaning method?

According to our experts, there is no one carpet cleaning method that is better than the others. Techniques used on carpet cleaning would also depend on the type and material of your carpet, as well as its size. Know the type of your carpet to determine the best carpet cleaning method.

Can cleaning cause carpet discoloration?

As long as a safe cleaning product is used, this should not happen. It is essential for the manufacturer's maintenance instructions to be followed strictly. When a new cleaner is used, it should always be tested on a tiny section of the carpet near one of the corners. In general, over time the colors can fade due to exposure to direct sunlight and to some chemical compounds. That is why protection is important.

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